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Terms of Use Agreement Parties

Parties to this agreement are visitors, viewers, users, subscribers, members, affiliates, or consumers. All these parties are also called “Visitors”. the site and the owner and/or website operators are parties to the terms of use agreement, that is also referred to as “Website”.

The Information Usage from the Site

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Hyperlinking to the Site, Representing the Brand, and Framing

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Downloads Disclaimer

The users will download the information at their own risks. The ultimateflatbelly.com site has no warranty that the contents downloaded from the site are free from viruses or corrupting computer codes.

Liability Limitation

There are some inevitable items on the site. ultimate flat belly.com, besides the contents, include the banners, ads, downloads, and/or pop-ups. The users will waive the rights to claims of damage from all the mentioned sources that result in any possible harm.


The users agree in the event they cause the damages, that site is required to pay for , the users as the condition of using the site, plea to indemnify the sites for all.


The users will be aware of the condition of using and viewing, that the communication and interaction between the Visitors and the website are deemed as submission. The users will agree that all the submissions, in any form, will become the exclusive property of the site. The website then will be able to use for any purpose without the further permission.


The activities in the website requires for viewing, using, or interacting, the users or visitors agree to use the binding arbitration for any claim, dispute, or controversy. That means the “Claim” of any relating activities of the purchase of the services, products, including the privacy issues, terms of use issues, as well as solicitation issues.

Jurisdiction and Venue

If there is any matter that involves the court of law, pre-arbitration, or post-arbitration, the visitors, viewers, members, subscribers, or consumers agree to the proper jurisdiction which scopes the state and city proclaimed in the contact information of the website party. If there is the court of law, the both parties will conduct the court located in the closest location to Seller’s address.

Applicable Law

The visitors, viewers, members, subscribers, or consumers agree that applicable law will be conducted that of the state of the seller.