Best Weight Loss Tips that Really Works!

​There are different approaches in the weight loss industry where people are given different theories of weight loss that in my own words I would call myths. However, there are many different weight loss tips but there are the best weight loss tips that really work and there are pieces of evidence to support them.

Best Weight Loss Tips


​Best Weight Loss Tips You need to Know

The following are some of the best weight loss tips that actually have more pieces of evidence to support them.

​Drinking water, most importantly before meals

Drinking water is often believed to help in the process of weight loss. This is not only a belief but this is actually true since it has evidence behind it. Water is a metabolism booster and therefore taking water can boost your metabolism by around 24-30% over a period of about 1-2 hours and this will help you burn a few calories with that period of time maybe 1-2 calories within that short period of time. However, drinking water before meals like half a litre of water before meals help people eat fewer calories and this leads to loss of about 44% of weight.

Drinking black coffee mostly

There are different types of coffee in the industry but the best is black coffee, which has proven to have enough quality to help you lose weight. With its quality, it is loaded with antioxidants, which has many health benefits losing weight being among them. As long as you don’t add a lot of sugar or other high-calorie substances in the coffee then you are safe and the caffeine in the coffee will help boost your body metabolism by around 3-11%, which increases the process of fat burning in your body by up to 10-30% levels, therefore, helping in the process of weight loss in your body making it one of the best weight loss tips available.

Drinking green tea

Drinking green tea has many benefits to your health, which is just like coffee and one of these benefits is weight loss.

Just like coffee, green tea is loaded with measurable amounts of caffeine but it contains high amounts of antioxidants known as catechins, which works hand in hand with the caffeine available in the green tea to enhance the process of fat burning in the human body. Therefore, green tea is one of the best weight loss tips that really works and is readily and easily available to all.

Cooking with coconut oil

One thing to note is that coconut oil is very healthy. It contains high amounts of special fats that the human body metabolizes in a different way to other fats in the body. These fats in the coconut oil have been proven to boost the metabolism rate by about 120 calories in a day and it also reduces the human appetite so that you can only consume up to around 250 calories in a day, therefore, enhancing the weight loss process in your body.

However, in order for this to work efficiently, you should ensure that you replace the other kinds of cooking fats with the coconut oil in order for the coconut oil to function properly.

Eating eggs for breakfast

Taking whole eggs for breakfast can be of so many benefits to your body and one of these benefits is helping you lose weight.

The main point here is you replacing the high amount of calories that you consume in the morning. Taking eggs in the morning ensures that you replace the normal grain-based breakfast with whole eggs and this ensures that there are no much calories taken in the morning hence aiding the process of weight loss. Replacing grains with eggs ensures that you consume fewer calories for a period of like 36 hours and this will only be beneficial to you since it will help you lose weight and burn body fats. Any source of proteins that have quality in them is fine for breakfast for those people who can take eggs.

Eating fibre

Eating fibre is often recommended mostly for the purpose of weight loss and weight control. The pieces of evidence are there and even studies show that eating fibre and most especially viscous fibre leads to increased satiety and this will help you control your body weight over long periods of time. Therefore eating fibre becomes one of the best weight loss tips that really works amongst other weight loss tips available.

Eating more vegetables and fruits

Consuming vegetables and fruits can prove to be a very effective means of losing weight and even a better gain since it will also help you control your weight in numerous ways

Vegetables and fruits have very low amounts of calories and also they have high amounts of fibre, which as mentioned above help you in reducing your body weight. They also contain high amounts of water which makes them contain low amounts of energy density. They take a while to chew and they tend to be very filling.

Research has shown that those people who mostly tend to consume vegetables are the people that weigh less. Vegetables will, therefore, help you in managing your body weight as well as help you in losing weight.

Be mindful of your eating habits

Being mindful of what you consume or eat is one of the best weight loss tips. You should beware of the kinds of foods you eat and not just eat for the sake of it. Like for example, taking a lot of junk foods in a day like 10 handfuls will not be on the good trend but instead, it will lead you to gain more and more weight. Therefore, we should be reasonable of how much junk we consume and also the amount of food we consume in a day if we are to manage our body weights.

Get enough sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep is of as much importance as healthy eating and having good exercise. Studies and research have proved that lack of enough sleep or just having that poor sleep is the key to obesity. This risk of obesity is mostly very high in children getting to an estimated range of 90% and also risky to adults, which gets to a range of about 55%.

Therefore getting enough sleep makes you lose that excessive amount of weight since it enhances the process of fat burning making it one of the best weight loss tips that actually works.

​Ensuring that you beat your food addiction

This is essential since it will be in the forefront in helping you lose weight. One of the bad things about food addiction is that if you are unable to control your food addiction levels and cravings then you can end up becoming a food addict and this will only lead you to gain much and much more weight which can be dangerous. Therefore, it is advisable that you get help since if you are able to control your food addiction levels, you will be in prime position in losing that excess weight but if you are trying to lose weight while still having the problem of food addiction, then the process will be next to impossible.

Do aerobic exercise

Doing aerobic exercises is one of the best weight loss tips that works. This is because aerobic exercise is an excellent way of burning body calories and it also helps you to stay healthy and fit therefore being a healthy way to weight loss.

Aerobic exercise is usually effective in the process of losing belly fat in specific, which is the fat that develops around the organs. The advantage of this is that it helps your body avoid different health complications like different metabolic diseases that may develop in your body as a result of this excessive belly fat.

Try eating spicy foods

Eating spicy foods occasionally helps you burn your calories. This is because spicy foods like cayenne pepper help boost your body metabolism rate which leads to the activation of the fat and calorie burning process in your body hence leading to weight loss. These kinds of spicy foods also lead to reduced appetite in slight levels, which leads to fewer amounts of food consumed hence leading to weight loss.

Exercising portion control and calorie control

Exercising portion control, which is the process of ensuring that you consume less, can be of significant help in your body as it is a very effective way of helping you achieve your weight loss goal. Also, calories counting can be very useful and there are different reasons for this. This is done by making sure that you keep a food diary where you record all the kinds and amounts of food that you end up consuming for an entire day. This can be of great use to you in your quest of weight loss, as it will ensure that you have the capability of controlling the amount of food that you consume since it creates food awareness.

​Going on a low carb diet

Going on a low carb diet will ensure that you get all the benefits of carb restriction. This diet has been put under study and the numerous studies have come out to show that such a diet can help the participant to lose weight on an average of 2-3 times as much weight as a low-fat diet.

This kind of a diet is also good for your health since as it reduces your weight, it also improves your health on a great scale.

​Eating less refined carbohydrates

Eating refines carbohydrates is healthy for your body and has lots of benefits. Refined carbohydrates are mostly comprised of grains and sugar that has a matter of fact been stripped of their fibrous and nutritious parts and this may include white bread and other foods like pasta.

Eating less refined carbs will be of benefits to you since it will ensure that you reduce weight and also maintain a good blood sugar level this being a health benefit. This is because, when you consume much-refined carbs, you are likely to spike your blood sugar in a rapid manner. This will consequently lead to increased hunger levels, strong food cravings and increased levels of food intake in short hour periods. This is very dangerous to your health as it may lead to you being obese which will lead to different health complications.

Therefore, to avoid all this and ensure that we lose that excess weight, we should ensure that we take less refined carbohydrates or just take them with their natural fibre. This will ensure that your metabolism rate is high and those body fats are well burnt and in control making it one of the best weight loss tips.

Cutting back on added sugar

Added sugar is in its own way one of the most dangerous and worst ingredients in the day-to-day diet. The problem is that more and more people are consuming it in an elevated manner day by day. There is so much proven proof that so much sugar consumption raises your body appetite and in addition, high sugar levels and fructose levels only lead to obesity which is a risk factor when it comes to your good level health maintenance. Consumption of much-added sugar can also lead to other diseases like diabetes and different heart-related diseases.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight then you should try and cut back on added sugar so as for you to gain good results. Cutting back added sugar has proven to be healthy and beneficial and is one of the best weight loss tips in the world of weight loss tips that actually work.

​Keeping healthy foods around in case you get hungry

Keeping healthy foods around will ensure that you don’t consume any kinds of foods that will lead to health complications or weight additions to your body.

Keeping foods like a few snacks, fruits and things like yoghurt with you will only ensure that you keep with you foods that will only be beneficial to your health not forgetting that fruits are one of the foods that help you lose weight in addition to yoghurt too. This, therefore, is one of the best weight loss tips that will work for you.


​All the above tips are not only weight loss tips but also the best weight loss tips that will actually work for you. I, therefore, advise you to try all the above weight loss tips so as for you to get the best weight loss success results.

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