10 Exercises to Burn Belly Fat without Running

If for some reason you are not up to adding running in your weight loss agenda, you could actually get the proper method to conduct your weight loss plan without having to run. For some people, running can be troublesome. If you have non-supportive environment, for instance, there is no point to run and jog every morning. But you shouldn’t worry at all. You won’t need to go outside your house. Instead, you can conduct all of your exercises at home but still you can achieve such wonderful results in weight loss. In no time, you will be able to burn belly fat right at home. Here are 10 exercises to burn belly fat without running.




Gone are the days when only women conducted aerobics while their men were going to the gym to use the gym equipment. The aerobics class is often along together with the gym class. It can be a great workout alternative that does not require you to run. Learning to have aerobics is simple and straightforward. The key of the aerobics is to make the move around your body safely and avoid any injury. Depending on the movements, it can be low impact or high impact activity. Pick the aerobics which provides you low impact activity or can be made upon the request. You can also learn the aerobics from free resources.



If you have access to a swimming pool, you can use it to replace the running. Swimming in laps can put your body in quicker metabolic rate. You will not have any problem in your joints because it is low impact activity, thanks to the water mass. Not to mention that it is less sweaty and dehydrating than running.

Hiking or trekking


If you travel to somewhere, there’s a chance that you find the hiking trail or trekking trail in the tourism object. Trekking and hiking are good cardio. But if you are injured, you won’t be able to do this. Consider conduct hiking or trekking if your body is in good condition. Also, it can make your belly fat gone in no time if you do this routinely.

Push Ups

push ups

Push ups have been popular for a long time because you won’t need to prepare specific tools or places to conduct it. You can do it anywhere in your home, office, or while on the go. Contrary to popular belief, push ups are not only the great work for your arms and chest, they are also great for getting rid of belly fat. It is very easy to do the push ups. You just need to lie flat on the ground and make sure the belly side down. Place your hands on the ground below your shoulder. For this to work 100%, you will want to exercise on a daily basis.



Burpees are definitely the right thing to do if your focus is in eliminating your belly fat. For people who are dealing with stubborn belly fat, Burpees have helped them a lot. Not only for the weight loss, these are great in maintaining the normal weight and the overall health. To do the burpees, you will want to position yourself in squat mode, and then your palms must flat on the ground. Kick your feet back so that you can continue it with the straight-arm plank.



Crunches are not only popular, but also important to be added to your exercise regime. Crunches are one off the most effective way to remove your belly fat in quicker and more effective rate. Adding the crunches in your agenda can help you to boost the result of your exercise.

Lie on your back. Then bend your knees and your feet flat on the floor. Then you can place your hands before your head. Lift your shoulders and upper back off the ground. Repeat the Crunch some times on a daily basis.



Cycling is indeed a great alternative to running. Cycling is not like what you conventionally think. You won’t need to go outside to take the benefits of cycling. Instead, you can enjoy such activity indoors thanks to the stationary bikes or trainers. You can also easily find them on the market with considerable price. Cycling itself allows you to improve your fitness without having to put incredible pressures on your joints and shins like you do when running. You can hope on the bike and conduct the cardio.

Elliptical bike

elliptical bike

Have you heard about the elliptical trainer? Perhaps you are not up into running activity because of your joints health or other relatable reasons. It can be an excellent training device service for those who are injured or simply not liking the running activity.

Elliptical trainer is low impact exercise so that you won’t need to worry about your joints anymore. You can also focus on the motions which are similar with the running form. But the difference is that it is low impact.

Pool running

Pool running

Some countries might have different names like water running, river water, etc. the pool running is a great alternative for the runners who are injured or folks who want to replace the running with other low impact option. Pool running or water running is simple and straightforward. You just simply need to run in the water. It is like running outdoors with less impact. Focus on the way of running. Make sure you do it on a daily basis to reap the maximum benefits. Since your goal is to get rid of belly fat, you will want to conduct it routinely.

Walking or strolling around


If running is not your thing, then walking around the city can be a great answer for you. Walking has similar benefits of running but it comes with much lower impact of the joints. Walking can help you lower the risks of diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, etc. the key here is that you will need to be clear with your goal. You will want to make sure how much distance that you are going to travel. If you are going with your friends or your girlfriends, consider to tell them that your walking is one of the ways to get rid of your belly fat. It is a good idea to have a companion when you do it.

10 Exercises to Burn Belly Fat without Running

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