Best Weight Loss Tips for Women – 33 Tips You Need to Know

When talking about weight loss tips for women, it mainly entails things that women do in order to keep their body fit, healthy and flexible. It usually requires hard work to keep the body fit. On that note, in the following discussion, we are going to look at some of the best weight loss tips for women.

best weight Loss tips for women


​Ditch your trigger foods

Junk foods such as candy, snack foods, fried fast and sweet desserts are a great threat to your weight; you ought not to take them in each second of the day. Instead, take proteinous foods and other foods rich in vitamins to boost your body system and bring about weight loss.

​Don’t skip breakfast

One of the best ways of burning calories in your body is by having active sessions of your metabolic functions. Taking breakfast triggers the thermogenesis process which in turn stimulates the metabolic functions. Importantly, it’s on record that eating food in morning enhances your metabolism activities than eating in the evening.

Go for a walk

Going out for a walk however short of time you are, is the best way losing your body weight. According to a certified health and fitness assistant in New York by the name Diane Virginia, indicates that having a walk in cool weather is the super-easy way of losing your weight. Even five minutes walk works.

Add fiber and fat

Fiber enlarges in your stomach and importantly increases the digestion time. This is very important because it aids you to stay full for longer. Healthy fats improve taste, provide you energy and aid you body use specific nutrients. Addition of fiber and fat in food also helps eases and fastens your digestion processes.

Start at home

Sometimes, one may not manage to go the gym and start lifting heavy loads.Therefore, it is simpler to work in your own space where you can lift weights every morning. As an example, you can purchase a bicycle that you will be recycling every morning before commencing your normal duties.

Move during lunch breaks

Usually, most people take breaks as the time for resting after working but this is the time that one should be walking around so as to reduce fatigue. Walking around your workplace especially during lunch breaks enables you to stretch your muscles and mainly helps in weight loss.

Double down on veggies if you are not satisfied after eating a snack or meal

It’s always advisable if you are not satisfied to take vegetables like cabbage rather than going for more fatty foods that will not help you in losing your weight. The veggies aid in weight loss and also add more nutrients to the body that will always keep you strong and healthy.

Stash snacks everywhere

This tip concerns carrying of snacks every place you go so that when you get hungry there is always something to eat so as to keep you standing. This way, it prevents you not to eat too much when you get close to food thus enabling weight loss.

Split restaurant meals with a friend

You should take meals with your friend at a restaurant, this way you end up taking a little of the food without desiring the leftovers on your plate. If you don’t have someone to share the meal with, you end up serving half of your served food into the takeout dish and swear not to pick at it for like two days.

Lift weights to lose weights

You should go to the gym and engage yourself in lifting weights with a trainer. The lifting of the heavyweights enables the building of the body, strengthens muscles and reduces the excessive weight of the body. The continuous lifting of heavyweights brings out success in that you are able to lift more heavy weights while squatting.

Move even on rest days

Mostly, many people work six days in a week and rest once in a week. It is highly recommended that during the resting day you should walk for longer distances especially with your friends to keep you company and also have fun together. This really contributes to weight loss and a healthy body too.

Prepare food in advance

You should cook food before you start feeling hungry, this ensures that no purchasing of sugary snacks. The cooking of food in advance enables you to consume anytime you feel hungry hence making your body cool and healthy.

Put on music when you don’t feel like going to the gym

Being physically active does not mean you need to go the gym, but shaking your body and doing away with calories is what is important. If you don’t want to go you just put on the music and dance. This movement of the body from side to side also brings about weight loss.

Don’t stock foods that tempt you

You should not keep chocolates in the house because you can’t prevent yourself from going back for more. In order to avoid this, you should just go and purchase just enough and what you can only consume once and its done. You should only take this type of food once in a while to avoid accumulation of more sugar in your body.

Pack snacks for the late night work

one cause for overweight is taking a lot of food after work late in the day.To prevent this you should bring snacks to work so that when you feel hungry you got something to feed on. This enables you not to starve when you reach home and not to lose control of your body.

Order smarter salads

You should make healthy decisions about what you are consuming especially if you are in a restaurant. You should only order low-fat foods that will not bring about overweight to your body. These salads consist of vegetables that aid in faster digestion and reducing weight from the body.

Start with one small change

Too much of sugar and calories come from drinks that people drink, so you should challenge yourself to only take water for a period of time. Also, another change you should make is changing your breakfast that is, if you have been taking normal bread you can shift to wheat bread and if your tea had too much sugar you opt to put the required quantity of sugar.

Clean up your kitchen

This one of the main strategy that you should apply and it states that being in a dirty area contributes to eating too much. You should clean up your kitchen space so that, anytime you need to eat you prepare another meal hence evading idleness.Cleaning up is also a form of exercise that triggers the body to lose some pounds of weight rather than staying idle.

Be realistic about which habits practice

Most people love eating fries at every meal and this does not correspond to the weight loss. In order to lose weight, you should only take meals with fresh vegetables. You should be so keen on this habits that are contributing to your body overweight so that you can put them aside and adopt new ones.

Eat a high protein breakfast

In the morning it is encouraged to take breakfast rich in proteins so that you can lower your cravings them you can avoid being too much plump and aids your body to lose weight each day.

Drink water half an hour before a meal

This tip highly contributes to weight loss. Research has clearly shown that if you take a glass of water every time before having a meal, your body will lose some weight as time goes by as compared to people who don’t take.

Drink coffee or tea

This strategy is advantageous to people who are addicts to coffee and tea. If you are coffee or tea drinker, you should drink it as much as you can because it contains caffeine that helps in boosting your metabolism and also supplements in weight loss.

Eat whole and unprocessed foods frequently

As you plan for the foods you will be taking each day, you should only base on whole foods but not processed foods. The processed foods are said to add cravings and also consuming too much food. To get rid of this, you should only take unprocessed foods that contribute to your health, get satisfied for a longer period and even makes you consume less food.

Eat your food slowly

The fast taking of foods enables to gain more weight than expected.To avoid this you should train yourself how to eat slowly daily because it enables you to get fully satisfied and boosts the weight reducing hormones from your body hence making your body look healthier than before.

Weigh yourself every day

People who way themselves every day are more prone to lose weight compared to those who don’t weigh daily. This weighing every day enables you to see the change in your weight after exercising each day.

Get a good night’s sleep every night

Good sleep is one of the tips that you should put into practice so as to lose weight. If you do not have enough sleep at night you might not lose your weight. ​Good and undisturbed sleep is subjected to losing more weight overnight and gaining a health and a figural body.

Ask for professional help

When there is no change in weight after doing some exercise, you should hire a professional person to train you all time so as to get a good body figure.After the training, you will be able to lose some pounds and your body will begin to be molded in a good shape. Usually, most people have the fear of the weight room especially if it is their first time, but there are some professional people that are hired to train you.

Find out a workout you love

You should try different things like dancing, jogging, running, going for hikes, stretching and many others during your free time. If you don’t enjoy them, you will probably not adhere to them. You should find out what you love and enjoy doing your free time then plan your daily activities well and set aside some time to do your favorite exercise.

Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals is one of the risk factors for weight loss. When you skip a meal, you might feel so hungry such that if you get close to the food you take too much and so fast and this might increase your weight rather than reducing it. You should not skip some meals so that you cannot crave for some snacks or other sugary foods. To curb skipping of meals you should be preparing the food in advance and carry where you go so that when you feel hungry you can take it at any time.

Get active

This strategy involves getting yourself busy all day. You should always exercise whenever you get a free time like running around or even going to the gym to lift weights in order to build your body and most importantly reduce the excessive weight from the body.

Take a seat when you eat

When eating breakfast, lunch or supper you should always seat so that food circulates equally to all body parts and provide more energy. Sometimes, you may be in a hurry and choose to eat while standing and also eat faster hence leading to the addition of some weight to the body.

Balance your meals

You should always take foods that are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, and proteins to provide energy to your body and reduce the insulin level.This helps in reducing weight and makes the body healthier. After taking your meals you should top up with a fruit that eases the digestion process.

Indulge healthy cravings

You should only have cravings for healthy snacks and food like wheat bread and fruits. The healthy cravings enable you not to take more of sugary kinds of stuff, hence making you lose some weight. You should always take healthy foods but not foods rich in sugar or fats that will make you lazy and may not even boost the weight loss hormones.


​You have to let go of your old habits in order to lose weight for good. The above weight loss tips are the best for someone who really needs to lose weight. Also, too much of variety in your food can make you overeat, so add only some tasty spices to your daily plan. Generally, you should eat the same healthy breakfast, lunch, and supper each day during the week and take differently during the weekends.

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