How to Lose 5 Pounds of Belly Fat in 30 Days

You might have to attend your brother’s reception in a month, or perhaps the summer is getting near. No matter what the reason, you might be tied up with your current shape. So, how you can achieve such good shape in just ten weeks? Is it possible to lose 5 pounds in just thirty days? The answer is YES and NO. I guess you won’t take NO as an option. So, I am going to share with you only the YES options. Here are some effective ways that you can consider:


The best exercise and cardio

Obviously, every expert will suggest you to conduct routine exercise to burn your fat much faster. One of the best exercises to routinely conduct is flat planks. You only need to spare 5 minutes of your time per day to
Maximize the result. Combined with your usual cardio activity, it can improve the rate of your weight loss.

Have enough sleep

One of the most contributing factors of overweight is a bad life habit. You will want some of the bad habits changed. One of them is your lack of sleep. Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours a day. Many experts suggested that folks who sleep half of the recommended time are not only slow in weight loss, but also have some risks of health conditions.

Mind your snacks

I am not saying that you must get rid of your snacks from the equation. Of course, you must take down all of those cookies, sweets and high-calorie snacks. Then, you will want to focus on snacks with low calories such as popcorn. Try salted popcorn rather than popcorn with sweet flavors since they contain lots of sugar and calories. Besides popcorn, you might want to consider the alternatives like wheat snacks, etc. Air-popped snacks are low in calories and you won’t feel guilty when taking them.

Drink a lot of water

Normally, the experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water per day. But it can be more than that if you need to be hydrated all the time. Not to mention that your activity might even be more rigorous than before. Also, you need to make sure that you get the water intake before every meal. Water also works as the flushing agent of toxins, free radicals, as well as unwanted fat from your body.

Fruit snacking

Well, if you are not up to any other type of snacks, why not take some fruits for your snacks?


Oats won’t make you fat. Besides, it will make you feel full a lot longer so that it can be a great choice to start your day. But if you tend to use it for your late night meal, you can also do that without feeling guilty. Toss some berries and nuts to add more protein and nutrients needed for your body.

Fiber intake

The amount of the fiber is one of the keys to lose weight. Researchers have shown that taking a lot of sugar can increase the bodyweight. Meanwhile, reducing the sugar intake can help dieters to reduce their body weight.

Increasing fiber is a great way to make your belly flat. Did you know that each 10 grams of soluble fiber you take can reduce your belly fat accumulation by four percent?

It is indeed a great number for dieters. Consider to check on some soluble fiber in various oats recipes. You won’t regret it.

It does not hurt to try various cardio things. Researchers have also shown the effectiveness of cardio activities. You can shrink your belly in no time if you combine cardio with our other tips in this post.

Decrease the cereal intake

If you need more protein for the hectic work, consider to take eggs instead of cereals. Some folks take the cereal because it is simple and straightforward to prepare it. But that’s not the case. Most of the cereals come with loads of sugar and preservatives. Not to mention that the cereals can’t keep you full the whole day. Meanwhile, eggs come with adequate protein and have lower response to hunger hormone. That means you will full longer and prevent you from craving some unhealthy snacks.

There you have them! The tips to lose 5 pounds of belly fat in just 30 days. Have a nice try!

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