9 Bedtime Drinks that Can Help You Burn Belly Fat

Many people often overlook the importance of their lifestyle when attempting to lose weight. Sleep pattern is one of the core of the aspects that you need to consider if you want to achieve your weight loss goals without any hassle. The poor quality of sleep can lead to certain health issues and hinder your weight loss.

9 bedtime drinks for weight loss

One of the most contributing factors in your sleeping quality is what you drink before going to bed. It is important to take care of the beverage before you have your deep sleep if you want to reach your weight loss goals. Of course, you will want to stay away from coffee and tea because these can disrupt your sleeping patterns. But here are 9 bedtime drinks that can help you burn your belly fat without any hassle.


Fenugreek water

fenugreek water

I am not talking about juicing or blending the item since the taste will be awful. Rather, the best method to extract what’s important from fenugreek is by fusing the water. The fused fenugreek water will provide your body enough heat and increase the metabolic rate in your body. It will also improve the weight loss speed in no time. Experts recommend that you drink the fenugreek water half an hour before sleeping. If you think that fenugreek itself is too boring for you, you could get creative by mixing it with other ingredients like lemon, cucumber, mint leaves, etc.

Cucumber juice

cucumber juice

Cucumber is arguably the freshest ingredient that you are able to attain before going to bed. You can juice the cucumbers as the bedtime drink. The thing about cucumber is that it can be too strong for some new takers. If you don’t like to take it as it is, you could make the drink tastier with a squeeze of lemon, or other ingredients. Drinking cucumber juice on routine basis can help you to burn some unwanted fat in quicker rate. Cucumber juice has load of fiber, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. The intake of cucumbers will help you maximize your weight loss.

Lemon and other important ingredients


Did you know that lemon can help you to burn your stomach fat? The research has shown that drinking lemon water can reduce the body fat mass in a more effective way. The most ideal time to drink lemon for that purpose is right before bedtime. But you can also drink lemon juice more than one time a day to maximize the result. You can also mix it with the other ingredients we listed in this post.

Cilantro drink

cilantro drink

Cilantro has the good amount of antioxidant which can help you to flush all of the toxins and unwanted fat from your body. As good as cilantro itself, you can also combine it with the other ingredients. But to maximize your weight loss results, you could also combine the cilantro with lemon, cucumber, parsley, as well as lemon. Or perhaps, you could take a look at other recipes which the cilantro in it. Just make sure you choose the recipe that does not betray your weight loss goals.

Ginger tea

ginger tea

Ginger tea has been used by many people around the world in the medical premises. But the study showed that Ginger has actually property which can help you to maximize the weight loss goals. Drinking ginger tea before bedtime allows your body to absorb the nutrients much better. Meanwhile, it will aid your bowel movement so that your body can flush the fat in no time. Ginger tea itself might seem not tasty for some folks. Add two tablespoons of honey or flavored syrups to give some tastes and you will want to drink it routinely. The iced ginger tea is a great way to start and end your day.

Pineapple drink

pineapple drink

Pineapple, whether you juice it or process it in other way, can really help you with your weight loss. Pineapple comes with antioxidant, rich fiber, and low in calories. The good thing about fiber foods is that they can make your stomach full without adding additional fat in your body. The juice of pineapple is already great. But you can also maximize its performance by mixing it with the other ingredients like apple, lemon, orange, mint, or others. Add chunks of pineapples to your beverage if you like or just make the juice from it.

Green Tea

green tea

If you have heard about matcha drink, then you have already known about the green tea. Drinking green tea before going to bed can make your sleeping quality much better. Contrary to popular belief, the green tea has low content of caffeine. So, you won’t need to worry if it may keep you awake, since it won’t. If you want to sleep better, green tea is one of the best drinks you could take. Green tea is a great antioxidant which helps you in weight loss as well since it improves your metabolism when you are sleeping.



Nope, it is not true that drinking milk before sleeping can make you fat. A glass of milk before sleeping can help you to have a deep sleep. It contains tryptophan and calcium which will make your sleep is much better in quality and quantity. The deep sleep at night will prevent you from overeating in the next day. It is because you don’t feel too empty. Milk has a good portion of protein which makes you full much longer. You will have a great sleep at night.
You imagine before. The Grape juice is a good source of antioxidants. It will flush away all of the free radicals and oxidants which hinder you from losing weight. It is also a natural metabolic booster.

Cinnamon tea

cinnamon tea

The Cinnamon tea is easily found in any department store you visit. Cinnamon itself has abundant health benefits that dieters cannot overlook. First things first, let it be your effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidants in nature. Having such kind of tea before going to bed can help you to have a deep sleep. Not to mention that it can provide such boost to your cardiac rhythms. The effective metabolic booster in cinnamon can help you to speed up the weight loss process. You can mix it with the other ingredients for various tastes.

9 drinks for burn belly fat

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